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7 Day Healthy Body Challenge


Are you ready to FINALLY ditch the yo-yo dieting goodbye, honor your body and get a healthy body you love and are proud of in 2019?

If so, this FREE challenge is for you!

During this challenge, you will:

1. Discover the tips and strategies to transform your health and body in 7 different areas and ways (nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, digestion, reducing toxic load, mindset and habits, and other areas of your life)

2. Learn why caring for your WHOLE physical health is the key to having a thriving and healthy body

3. Learn step-by-step strategies you can implement in your life for immediate and long-term results

4. Get support via worksheets, live Q&A sessions replays, and FB group support to help you process and implement the challenge

5. Bonus: You can win a FREE coaching session with Brianna and even some essential oils when you participate in the challenge!

6. Bonus: You can also win a FREE Amazon Gift Card if you sign up for the challenge and share about it on social media!

Go here to learn more and join us: http://www.madewell345.com/7-day-healthy-body-challenge/

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Free Resource Library

Here you will find access to all of my free resources and trainings, including:

  • Healthy Body Podcast Episodes (previously the "Be Healthy and Thrive Podcast")
  • Healthy Body Community for Women on Facebook
  • Made Well doTERRA Essential Oils Community on Facebook
  • Recipe Guides
  • Fitness Plan and Guides
  • Deciphering Food Labels Training
  • Healthy Body Inventory + Training
  • 7 Steps to a Healthy Mind and Body + Training
  • 7 Tips to Cleanse and Detox Naturally + Series
  • No Flaw "I am Enough" Journal + Series
  • Essential Oil Introduction Classes
  • A to Z Essential Oil Education Trainings
  • Flourishing Life Inventory + Training
  • 7 Steps to Catalyze Your Purpose + Training

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Healthy Body Academy


Are you tired of trying multiple diets and eating plans with no long term gain or result?

Are you ready to learn to honor your body and get a healthy body that you LOVE and are PROUD OF?

If so, then the Healthy Body Academy is for you!


The Healthy Body Academy is a membership community for working women to help them overcome yo-yo dieting, honor their bodies and get a healthy body they love and are proud of.


- Ditching the Diets Goodbye
- Making Healthy Habits Stick
- Feeling Good About Yourself and Your Body again
- Finding a Community that Supports You
- Finally Getting a Healthy Body You Love and are Proud of


- Monthly Trainings - From myself or guest experts
- Monthly Live Q&A Sessions on the Monthly Topic
- Monthly Live Gratitude and Intention Sessions


- Archive of Trainings & Resources -
- Private Facebook Community
- Accountability Partner
- Membership Directory



The community is officially open!

Join us for only $47 USD per month OR $470 USD per year!


Can't wait to support you on your health and life journey in the holidays and in the New Year!

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Whole30 Made Easy

The Whole30 Made Easy 6 Week Program is designed to help individuals go through the Whole30 program with the support they need to succeed and see the transformation/results they long for.

For those that don't know what the Whole30, it's is an eating program where you eliminate certain foods for 30 days to see how you feel, and how they impact your body. And then you reintroduce them after.

There are 6 different types of resets, but the full Whole30 is where you eliminate any form of sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, and preservatives

I run this program LIVE as a group a few times a year.

But if you want to go at your own pace and do self-study, be sure to check out the self-study option on my website here:


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Essential Oil Class & Resource Library

This is the Essential Oil Class and Resource Library for all of my wholesale and retail customers!

Updated monthly with a monthly webinar recording + essential oil spotlight, this is a great resource to learn more about doTERRA and their essential oils!

Included in this class library are the following:

  • Welcome Video 
  • Private FB Group Link 
  • A to Z Essential Oil Education Trainings
  • Essential Oils 101 and 201
  • Essential Oils for Anxiety
  • Emotions and Essential Oils
  • Rest and Manage Stress with Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for Yoga
  • Essential Oils for Weight Management
  • Essential Oils for Digestion
  • Cooking with Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for Fitness
  • Essential Oils for Support and Recovery
  • doTERRA Wellness Products
  • Getting the Healthy Body You Want Naturally - Eat Right, Exercise, Stress Management, Sleep, Reduce Toxic Load, Informed Self Care, Proactive Medical Care
  • Tutorials - how to use your Wholesale Account
  • Essential Oils for the Summer and Holidays
  • Sharing and Building with Essential Oils

If you are not a current customer but would like to learn more about essential oils, please watch the teaser module as well as book a 30 Minute Essential Oils Consultation and we can talk about the best oils for you to use for yoru health goals/needs and how to get started.

Book that call here: 30 Minute Essential Oil Consultation

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