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More Than Your Weight Habits Tracker

More Than Your Weight Habits Tracker

Are you someone who loves setting food & health goals, but find it hard to keep up with them and stay consistent?

Maybe you set huge goals and find that as a few months progress, those goals seem too hard to accomplish and so you give up altogether.

Or maybe you do break your goals into bite-sized pieces but find it difficult to feel accomplished and celebrate the small victories.

If you resonate with any of the statements above, my Food Journal + Habits Tracker is for you!

This More Than Your Weight Food Journal + Habits Tracker is a condensed version (and only a taste) of the exact process I walk clients through in my six-week mindset and habits Bootcamp.

My clients have seen great results using the full tracker, so I wanted to make a taste of it available to ladies who are ready to finally find peace with food, feel confident in your body again, and develop a healthy lifestyle that's more than what you weigh - one step at a time.

I've NEVER offered something publically like this before, but it's SUCH a powerful tool that I wanted to make it available to more women! 

Through using this tracker, you will start taking baby steps to:

  • Create diet-free meals for yourself filled with nutritious foods
  • Drink more water to energize and hydrate your body
  • Make veggies a regular part of your meals
  • Cut back on added sugar and learn to enjoy natural sugars in fruits and veggies instead
  • Start sleeping more throughout the night
  • Understand the emotions driving you to eat
  • Identify which foods support your body and which ones don't
  • Speak loving, positive truths over body, weight, and yourself daily
  • Fit in exercise and movement each week
  • Practice mindfulness when you eat so you can be present and enjoy each food you eat (no matter if it's "healthy" or not)
  • Keep track of your progress and set up rewards for yourself for each milestone you reach

So if you're ready to rock your food, health and body goals this year, and celebrate yourself along the way, get this tracker today!

You can get it for only $37 USD below!

** BONUS: FOOD & BODY RESET - 3 Day Challenge **

Including in your purchase, is a 3 Day Challenge, my Food & Body Reset! In this reset, you will learn:

- How to create realistic and meaningful goals for your health and life
- A simple way to understand and conquer your cravings and emotional eating
- How to nourish your body with whole foods, while enjoying your favorite foods
- Healthy habits to incorporate into your daily life that won't take tons of time or energy
- How to review and celebrate your progress well each week

    Grab your tracker below!

    NOTE: The tracker is a digital excel spreadsheet, but you can choose to edit it on your computer or print it off if you like hardcopy so you can write on it!

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