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Summit Strategy Success Intensive

Are you ready to host an amazing online summit, but need some guidance on the most effective (and successful way to do so?)

Are you ready to create a customized approach and get 1:1 support to help you cut through the noise and figure out the simplest, most aligned way for you to host an amazing summit?

If your answer was yes to those questions, this 90-minute intensive is for you!

I have hosted 5 summits and have added 2,000+ of people to my audience in the last 4 years - spending ZERO DOLLARS on paid advertising. 

My friends lovingly call me the SUMMIT QUEEN and I'm here to teach you the BEST of what I have to know about hosting online summits!

Summits are the lifeblood of my business and allow me to grow my audience and show up as an established expert in my field with a growth strategy that is so natural to how I love to show up in the world!

In addition to audience grow summits have connected me and grown my business in countless other ways like getting me big podcast features, signing on new health coaching clients, and essential oil customers.

Because I was an accountant and got my MBA before starting my health and wellness business, I love all things business and love to support other women in growing businesses that make a huge impact while making them the income they long for and need.

I'd love to help you plan and execute a successful summit for your business so that you can....

  • Show up and be seen an industry expert
  • Grow your audience with hundreds (or even thousands!) of audience members all organically, even if you're starting with a small list
  • Grow your audience with dream clients that are a good match for the current offers and services in your business

Based on your needs we can cover...

  • Why and Purpose of the Summit
  • How to create an awesome line up of speakers
  • How to increase registrants and encourage speakers to promote
  • When it's best to run a free and/or paid summit
  • How to set up every aspect of their Summit using MV and email
  • How to encourage engagement during the Summit
  • How to sell well at the end of the Summit

Your intensive includes:

  • 90-minute strategy session on Zoom + Follow Up 30 minute session
  • 1 Week of Unlimited E-Support via email or messenger after our session
  • Summit Success Planner
  • Additional material and resources as needed 

Investment: $499 USD

If this is something you’re interested in, book a Business Clarity Call below, and let's chat!

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