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22 Modules

Foundations // Sustainable Weight Loss Bootcamp

Summer is wrapping up and August is the perfect time to jumpstart our health and weight loss goals again!

So I will be leading us in the Academy through a 5-week experience, called the Sustainable Weight Loss Bootcamp!

Each Tuesday at 8pm EST in August (and the first Tuesday in Sept) we will cover a different topic and building block in helping you lay a foundation of success for the Fall!

Here's what we will cover:

Week 1: Measure Your Weight, Manage Your Mind
Week 2: Healthy Habits for Sustainable Weight Loss
Week 3: Lifegiving Goal Setting
Week 4: Nonscale Victories and Affirmations
Week 5: Visualize Your Success

To accompany the live training, there will be worksheets to help you implement what we talked about each week! and then you can share with us in the FB group how it's going.

Foundations // Intro to Sustainable Weight Loss

In this masterclass, you will learn about:

  • Why your weight is (and isn't) important to your overall health

  • Why diets don't work long term and what to do instead

  • Step-by-step lifestyle strategies, tools, and resources you can implement in your health and life for immediate and long-term results in your weight loss and health goals

Additional Resources:

  • Sustainable Weight Loss Journal
  • Measurement & Weight Tracker

Goal Setting // Making New Years Resolutions That Stick

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • My goal setting story and how goal setting has helped me in both my health and life
  • Why most diets and New Years' Resolutions fail
  • Healthy Body Inventory and Tips
  • Flourishing Life Inventory and Tips
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
  •  Resources to support you (including the Healthy Body Journal!)

Bonus Trainings:

  • Bullet Journaling Tutorial
  • Vision Boarding Tutorial

Resources Available:

  • Healthy Body Journal
  • Healthy Body Inventory Guide
  • Flourishing Life Inventory Guide
  • Goal Setting Resources
  • Bullet Journal Resources
  • Vision Board Resources

Nutrition // Nourishing Your Body with Food

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • Introductions, My nutrition story, Agenda
  • History of Diets
  • Why What We Eat Matters
  • Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods
  • Water and Hydration
  • Macronutrients and Micronutrients
  • 7 Day Nourishing Your Body Challenge

Resources Available:

  • Whole30 / Wholefood Shopping LIst
  • Whole30 / Wholefood Vegan Shopping List
  • Balanced Meal Template
  • Busy People's Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go
  • Good Food on a Budget Guide
  • Healthy Snack IdeasRecipes Guides
  • 60 Whole Food Recipes (with Whole30 ideas
  • )Smoothie and Juices Guide
  • 10 Delicious Paleo Recipes
  • 5 Whole30 Recipes to Get You Started
  • Nourishing Nutrition Journal
  • Micronutrient Nutrient Chart

Nutrition // Meal Planning for Weight Loss Success

Are you spending more time at home but aren't sure what to cook and find yourself eating whatever is around?

Are you tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to meal planning nutritious and healthy meals?

Are you ready to create meals that are nutritious, simple, and help with your weight loss and health goals?

If so, this masterclass is for you!

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • The core building blocks of a healthy meal
  • How to create portion sizes that lead to results (and fill you)
  • How to mix and match foods to create a balanced meal
  • 150+ Recipe ideas to jump-start your meal planning
  • 7 simple steps to meal planning made easy for weight loss success


  • 150+ Recipes,
  • Meal Planning Templates
  • Busy People Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go
  • Tutorial on a Meal Planning App

Nutrition // How to Overcome Emotional Eating and Manage Your Weight

Have you been experiencing tons of emotions lately that are driving you to eat more than usual?

Are you searching to understand what leads you to emotionally eat and other ways to cope with the root of what's going on?

Are you looking for insight and support as to how you can move forward with your health/weight goals, and not have to worry about emotional eating anymore?

If so, this class is for you!

In this class, you will learn about:

  • What emotional eating is and what causes it
  • Why understanding the food-feeling connection can help you overcome emotional eating
  • Common triggers that lead to emotional eating
  • Step-by-step lifestyle strategies you can implement to overcome emotional eating once & for all


  • Food and Mood Journal

Nutrition // Understanding and Conquering Cravings

Nutrition // Cleanse and Detox with the Whole30

In this masterclass, you will learn all about the Whole30 Eating Program and how it can support you in eating more whole, natural foods and finding a way of eating that works for you!

In this class, we will cover:

  • Cleanse and Detox 101
  • 7 Pillars of a Healthy Body
  • Whole30 & Nutrition
    • What it is
    • 6 Types of Resets
    • 3 Phases
    • Testimonies
  • Further resources to support you

Resources to support you:

  • Meal Plans by Real Plans
  • Whole30 40 Day E Course

Exercise // Sofa to Sensational with Exercise

Welcome to the Sofa to Sensational with Exercise, in 30 days! 

This masterclass is all about helping you figure out your WHY for exercising and then creating a simple plan that you can follow over the next 30 days

In this masterclass, you will learn about:

  • Overview and Share your Fitness Story
  • Benefits of Exercise
  • Examine how you want to look and feel
  • Roadblocks to Exercise and Solutions
  • Simple Strategies to Move Forward
  • Create a 30 Day Goal
  • Create an Action Plan to reach those 30 day goals

Resources Available:

  • 5 Steps to Move More Guide
  • 5 Steps to Move More Training
  • 30 Day Fitness Plan - Body Weight Guide
  • 30 Day Fitness Plan - Body Weight Tutorials
  • 30 Day Fitness Plan - CardioExercise Planner Worksheet
  • Podcast Episodes on Fitness

Stress & Sleep // Stress Less, Sleep More with Self-Care

In this masterclass, we cover:

  • What stress is and how it impacts the body
  • What sleep does for us and how it impacts the body
  • The importance of apply self-care habits to care stress less and sleep more

Resources Available:

  • Exercises and ideas to help you stress less and sleep more
  • Self-Care Ideas
  • Worksheets to work through the class

Digestion // Caring for Your Gut & Digestive Health

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • Our digestion Stories
  • Common digestive issues
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Practical ways to heal your gut
  • Further resources (including the Whole30 Made Easy Program!)

Resources available:

  • 60 Whole Food Recipes
  • 10 Delicious Paleo Recipes
  • 5 Whole30 Recipes
  • Essential Oils for Digestion
  • Whole30 Made Easy Course

Toxic Load // Detox Your Body and Home in 30 Days

I am so excited to finally get this masterclass to you all on how to care for your gut and digestion!

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • Our detox stories
  • Toxins 101 and Their Impact on Our Health
  • Detox your body and home
    • Food (Pesticides and Preservatives)
    • Kitchen (Cookware and Plastic)
    • Cleaning (including Antimicrobials)
    • Hair and Skin (Dirty Dozen of Chemicals)
  • Bonus: Cleaning with Essential Oils + Skin and Hair Care with Essential Oils

Resources Available:

  • Dirty Dozen / Clean Fifteen Produce Printout
  • Dirty Dozen of Cosmetics EWG Skin Care Guide
  • DIY Essential Oil Recipe Packet 
  • DIY Resources Packet (coming soon!)

Toxic Load // Essential Oils 101 and 201

In this masterclass, you will:

  • Discover what essential oils are and how they can be the natural solutions for your health that you've been looking for
  • Why the quality of the essential oil matters in order to give you your desired results without causing added chemicals and harm
  • The variety of uses for essential oils and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life
  • Discover the TOP 10 Essential Oils everyone should have in their home
  • Learn the most affordable way to get essential oils that match your health goals and concerns
  • Learn how you can find HOPE again in your health and take charge of your health and your life
  • How to practically use essential oils in your everyday life

Resources Available

Mindset & Habits // Creating Mindset and Habits for Powerful Results

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • Why mindset and habits are important
  • Mindsets 101 - the types and how to shift them
  • Habits 101 - how created and how to re-create
  • Steps to Shift your mindset and habits
  • Resources for further support

Mindset & Habits // Cultivating Gratitude and Intentions for Lifelong Health and Success

December's BONUS class for the Academy is here!

In this masterclass, you will learn about:

  • What gratitude and intentions are
  • Why it's important to practice gratitude for lifelong health and goals success
  • 14 Practical Ways to practice gratitude and intentions
  • Resources (including a gratitude journal) to help you incorporate more gratitude into your life

Access the course today and let's start practicing gratitude together :)

Mindset & Habits // No Flaw "I am Enough" Masterclass + Essential Oils Workshop

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • Why mindset and habits are important
  • Enoughness, Shame and Guilt and how they show up in our lives and health
  • How your mindset, emotions and habits impact your feelings of worthiness and enoughness
  • How to write positive affirmations
  • How to use essential oils to shift your emotions to feeling flawed and unworthy, to flawless, fabulous and enough
  • Resources for further support
  • Bonus trainings - 7 Steps to a Healthy Mind and a 5 part "No Flaw" Series on restoring your relationship with food, your body and yourself

Resources Available:

  • Essential Oil Recipes
  • Affirmation Cards
  • 7 Steps to a Healthy Body and Mind Training + Journal
  • No Flaw Podcast Series + Journal
  • No Flaw Worksheet Series

Seasonal // Getting a Healthy Holiday Body

In this masterclass + workbook, we will cover:

  • My personal holiday healthy story and how my struggle with dieting started in the holidays, but how it also ended there as well
  • Myths around healthy living in the holidays and tips to overcome them
  • How to identify the areas of a healthy body you tend to be satisfied and/or disatisfied in during the holidays
  • Tips on how to find more satisfaction in all the areas of a healthy body

Resources Available

  • Healthy Holiday Journal
  • Healthy Holiday Podcast Episodes
  • Healthy Habit Tracker Guide for Holidays
  • Healthy Holiday Summit Videos and Resources

Seasonal // Your Healthiest Summer Yet

In this masterclass,, we will cover:

  • Our summer stories
  • Myths on healthy living in the summer
  • Summer Body Goals
  • Summer Body Health Tips

Resources Available:

  • Healthy Body Inventory (Guide)
  • Healthy Body Inventory (Tutorial)
  • Healthy Body Journal (make a COPY for yourself to use and  edit)

Themed // Balance Your Hormones Naturally to Reclaim Your Health Back

Life // Loving God with Your Whole Health and Life

In this masterclass, you will learn about:

  • The importance of growing spiritually and in other areas of your life
  • The 7 areas of health that lead to a flourishing life
  • Simple steps to move forward in each of those areas
  • Addl resources and podcast episodes to support you
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