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Healthy New Year Summit - LIVE Summit

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Ready to ​jumpstart your health in the new year and develop some sustainable, healthy habits?

Maybe you've let some of your healthy habits go during this pandemic and are ready to get back to your routine...

Maybe holidays got you and you’re feeling stuck, joy-less and  wondering how to get your motivation back...

If 2020 was a challenge for you and you’re ready to zero in on your health and wellness...

If this is you, the Healthy New Year Summit (January 25-31st) is PERFECT for you!

Starting January 25th, Brianna Wilkerson (Holistic Health & Life Coach) and Anya Perry (Performance coach for women) will be hosting a 7-day Summit designed to empower women to reset their healthy habits post-holidays and learn to thrive through this pandemic.

The Summit will consist of amazing leaders and experts sharing their trainings and prizes in seven different areas of health and life: nutrition, exercise, stress management & sleep, digestion, toxic load, mindset and habits, and other areas of your health and life.

What can you expect from this 7- day educational party?

This is what you’re going to walk away:

  • How to eat nutritiously for energy, mental health, weight loss and healing
  • How to meal prep like a pro and make healthy meals with your kids
  • How to overcome unsupportive habits and behavioral patterns
  • How to fit fitness into your schedule, add more joy and mindfulness to your movement 
  • How to optimize your sleep, minimize stress and decision fatigue
  • How to use essential oils to meet your new years goals and support your health
  • How to find your food freedom, optimize your thyroid health and implement intermittent fasting to boost your vitality
  • How to embrace body love during/after the holidays
  • How to create more time in your busy day to do things that matter and allow your brilliance guide you
  • How to reverse toxic burden and use clean beauty and household products to support your health
  • How to use resistance training, micro-workouts and face yoga to get in the best shape of your life

There will be prizes of all kinds, including: 

  • Health strategy, clarity and intensive coaching sessions
  • Ebooks, physical books and cookbooks
  • Guidebooks, self-guided online courses and programs
  • Fitness and lifestyle audit calls and masterclasses
  • Essential oils for your everyday health goals and concerns
  • Meal plans, training plans and so much more

If you are ready to:

  • Learn from 24 experts
  • Address 7 critical areas of health
  • Get FREE access to the most important tips around forming healthy habits post-holidays and during this pandemic
  • PLUS free resources and prizes 

……..this is for you!

Want in? Cool! You can purchase lifetime access here: 

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